202 Methods of Forcing

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Whether you are a magic expert, or you’ve never done a trick before, 202 Methods of Forcing will give you the most power to astonish FASTER than any single trick, book or even training video in magic.


Whether you’ve never done a trick before, or you’re a magic expert, 202 Methods of Forcing will empower you to astonish FASTER than any book or video we’ve ever seen.  

Here’s why...

The Force is the single most powerful secret magicians use to create miracles. It allows you to offer your audience a truly free selection of a card, number or object…

... and leave them feeling as though NOTHING tricky has occurred.  

And that’s where the fun starts.

Your audience believes they could have chosen ANY card. But in reality…you chose for them!  

This power unleashes unlimited miracles and impossible tricks. You can astonish everyone you know by reading their minds, or seeing the future.

But Forces go MUCH further than that. Forces are the ‘secret ingredient’ that fuels miracles like the Torn & Restored Card, Card to Wallet or even the Card to Apple or Orange.

Have you ever been astonished by a magician on television causing a thought of card to appear inside a piece of fruit that’s been in plain view the entire time? There were probably many ‘convincers’ that led you to believe the selection wasn’t ‘forced’...

...and that’s a good force looks like!

The more great card forces you have - the more miracles you can perform.

And 202 Methods of Forcing is the biggest collection of astonishing, practical and EASY Forces ever assembled.

As you’ll discover, 202 Methods of Forcing is:

* Easy to read and understand fast, so you can read the whole thing in about 30 minutes

* Easy to use, so you won’t need to practice to create miracles...most of these forces are incredibly easy to do.

*Not just about cards, so you can make miracles forcing numbers, words, or ANY object you can think of.

Every member of the CC Team thinks this book is incredible. Most of us read it at least once every few months, because you’ll discover a new great trick every time you open this book!

In fact, with 202 Methods of Forcing, you’ll start amazing audiences just minutes from now.
And with the secrets you’ll discover inside this quick read, you’ll find enough miracles to keep your audiences amazed for a lifetime!