The Super Bowl


Combining Cup and Ball astonishment with sponge ball interactive miracles and the largest final appearance in magic!


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Welcome to The Super Bowl...of MAGIC!

For over 50 years, is easy-to-do miracle routine has been shrouded in mystery - a closely guarded known only to magic's elite.

Now, for a very limited time, we’re opening our CC Vault so you and your audiences can experience the unmatched power of SuperBowl.

Super Bowl does something that no other trick can do.

It combines the timeless power of the cups & balls with the audience participation you can only get from the timeless sponge balls...

...until now!

You're about to discover a miracle so entertaining, you’ll use it to ‘bring down the house’ close-up, on stage - or anytime it’s YOUR turn to amaze.

And here's even more good news.

SuperBowl is more than just a trick, or even a stand our professional routine…

...this Complete 10 Video Training Plan gives you a Complete Course in Close-Up Magic.

SuperBowl packs audience participation, multiple surprises and a knockout climax into one routine so amazing, it 'plays' like a dream for audiences of any size!

In 10 in-depth teaching videos you’ll discover:  

* how to perform a multi-phase professional miracle using only a few paper napkins (or sponge balls) and a small ordinary bowl!

* how to make balls appear, vanish, split and teleport so you can perform real miracles anytime...using any objects you can hold in your hand!

* how to produce a GIGANTIC final load the EASY way, so you can create an original miracles anytime you please!

That means with Superbowl, you can create your own unique climax... magically producing anything YOU want!

After you watch SuperBowl, you’ll no longer be limited to a lemon or lime...

...your big finish is about to go Big-time!


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No Questions Asked
Either you love this training or you get your money back.