The Loving Cup


Our Complete 12 Video Training Plan shows you the easiest way to create the most celebrated miracle of all time - using only ordinary objects you can find anywhere!




The Loving Cup - 12 Video Amazement Plan

With the The Loving Cup, you’ll find it easy to create the ultimate Cups and Balls routine anytime...

...using ONLY an ordinary cup and a few common objects you can borrow from any audience.

The Loving Cup is the easiest method you’ll ever find to create the most celebrated close-up routine ever created!

We'll show you how to use any mug for a cup, any balled up napkin (or bill) for a ball and any table knife for a wand.

We’ll even show you the most practical, easy way to make REAL fruit appear at the astonishing climax of this professional grade miracle!

In this Complete Video Training Plan you'll discover:

* 12 Detailed Training Videos that show you step-by-step how to perform the most amazing miracle of all time...using ONLY ordinary objects.  

* 5 Major Surprises in under two minutes, including vanishes, teleportations and the shocking appearance of a real lemon, apple or orange!

* 2 Easy Pro Tactics for vanishing ANY small object without a trace!  

* Hidden Knowledge 95% of professional magicians don't know about how to make this miracle truly easy to master.

Best of all, you’ll discover the Secret Effect Structure that makes The Loving Cup our hands down favorite Cup & Ball Routine of all time!

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