Bound to Please by Simon Aronson


This collection of Simon’s early work is packed with easy-to-do miracles that have become classics. This book is also the perfect introduction to memorized deck magic.

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Adam first discovered the power of stacked decks as a teenager—through the books of a magician named Simon Aronson.

Bound to Please is a collection of ALL Simon Aronson’s work on stacked decks—years of developing astonishing ideas and techniques all in one volume. Not only will you find Simon’s own classics like ‘Shuffle Bored,’ you’ll uncover practical miracles that can be applied to ANY simple stacked deck—no memorization required (including Tamariz’ famous stacked deck, Mnemonica!)

Whenever Alex usually watches magic, he can think of three or four decent guesses as to how the method works. When he first watched Simon Aronson perform magic from this book—he couldn’t even begin to think of ONE!

Bound to Please is the perfect introduction to memorized decks and stacks. But even more, tricks like Red Sea Passover, Ad-Jacent and Histed Heisted make this a miracle class collection that ANY card magician will be thrilled to discover.

Simon's collected early works, compiled in one volume. Contains the complete texts of his first three books, The Card Ideas of Simon Aronson (1978), A Stack to Remember (1979) and Shuffle-bored (1980).

Includes Red See Passover, Simon's Favorite Card Trick, Mis-mate, Simon's underground treatise on the memorized deck principles (that started the current wave of memorized miracles), an entire chapter on subtle uses of the advertising card, Under Cover Four Play, Ad-Jacent, and the original presentation of the Aronson stack (with three different poker deals, a perfect bridge hand, spelling combinations, a blackjack deal, and more).

Shuffle-bored presents Simon's self-working, totally hands-off card miracle: without any questions, outs, gaffs, ambiguities or moves - and without ever touching the cards - the performer announces exactly how many cards are face up, in a spectator freely shuffled deck! plus additional effects published in Kabbala and Hierophant.

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