Capitulating Queens


The spectator’s freely chosen card is shown to be the ONLY card with a red back—but that’s just the beginning. The most magic you’ll ever see using only four cards!

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There’s so much visual magic packed into this routine, your audience won’t believe it only uses for cards. Best of all, the cards can be inspected by everyone (you start and end clean!)

Is Capitulating Queens the perfect gaffed routine?

Aaron’s friend and mentor, Larry Jennings certainly thought so! In fact, before he encountered this trick, Larry was infamously opposed to the idea of ever using gaffed cards—so the fact he LOVED this one so much tells you exactly how special this miracle is!

"I have carried this routine in my wallet for the past ten years, and think it is one of the most entertaining and utterly mystifying routines that can be performed with a small packet of cards. I have performed it for groups of one, and groups of fifty, always with equally satisfying results.  This routine is also in the repertoire of Larry Jennings, who normally disdains routines using gimmicked cards. This is one of the easiest routines using gimmicked cards. This is one of the easiest routines I do, yet perhaps the most mystifying to a lay audience."

Jim Swain
Don't Blink: The Magic of James Swain

Comes with poker cards and instruction manual.

Pages 8 - Saddle Stitched

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