DeLand: Mystery and Madness by Richard Kaufman


All the miracles of the ‘mad genius’ DeLand are presented in this lavish 608-page full-color over-sized volume, including a full deck of gimmicked cards.

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DeLand: Mystery and Madness is a 600-page full color volume that reveals, for the first time, the magic and controversial life of the ‘mad genius of card magic’ Theodore DeLand.

You might not have heard of DeLand, but you’ve DEFINITELY used his inventions.

You see, DeLand was the first magician to introduce a system of magic that amazed audiences WITHOUT:

  • Requiring difficult sleight of hand
  • Relying on downright BORING or mathematical self working tricks

Of course, we’re talking about gimmicked cards.

Gimmicked cards and gimmicked decks are a HUGE part of magic…but 100 years ago, nobody had a clue they would become so important.

Nobody except Theodore DeLand, who was undoubtedly a genius of his time. While most magicians were recycling the same worn-out tricks, he was inventing radical new systems for amazement that would change the course of magic history.

For the first time, you can discover EVERY single one of his stunningly visual and fooling inventions—in one book. Plus, when you order this book you’ll get a deck of 52 gimmicked cards that will enable you to perform some of DeLand’s most powerful (and completely self working) effects.

DeLand’s life has been a mystery for over 100 years, but diligent research has presented famed author Richard Kaufman with the opportunity to finally reveal DeLand’s deepest secrets.

  • Full color
  • 608 pages
  • Museum quality binding and slipcase
  • Includes 54 gimmicked cards


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