Live Lecture: Easy Miracle Mental Routine


A complete Professional Card Magic Mind Reading Routine. It’s so easy you can start using it right away, and powerful enough to use in ANY situation!


Telepathy, Clairvoyance and Precognition? …Oh My!

We magicians are always on the hunt for new ways to transform our tricks into compelling combinations that leave our audiences astonished!

In this workshop, you’ll find a new, easy to do 3 Phase Routine that builds to a truly impossible climax.

You’ll discover:

* Methods you can use to astonish ANYONE. You can add your skills to this routine, or you can keep it super simple…either way, it kills!

* A routine that flows, grows and builds to a resounding finish!

A true Power Closer – you won’t need to perform ANYTHING after this.

Your audience will experience three different effects, each one stronger and more compelling than the last until the Power Closer that cannot be beat.

This routine is incredibly powerful and easy to do. You’ll understand exactly why it’s become our new favorite ‘close-up closer’!

*Each CC lecture/workshop was recorded live as an Online Class or Special Event for our Members. Members participate and ask questions in the live chat (offscreen). The Instructor or Special Guest teaches the course topic and is joined onscreen for insightful analysis and discussion by the CC Panel. Different magic experts join the panel during each class, so it’s always a surprise and an adventure!

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