Live Lecture: How to Produce Your Own Show!

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Create new clients AND a great paycheck by producing your own show from start to finish using pro-producer Steve Barcellona’s unbeatable strategies and tactics! Don’t wait for your phone to ring…Produce Your Own Public Show!
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Don’t wait for some tired agent offering you ‘great exposure’ or sleazy take-half-your-money booker to get you a public performance…

Take control of your career.. and produce your OWN show!

The benefits to producing your own show are numerous: total control over content, pricing, timing and setting, to name just a few.

Plus, you’ll expose yourself to completely new potential clients, leading to more bookings down the line AND giving your current supporters the chance to come out and actually support you! AND a paycheck for your efforts - not a bad deal at all!

And it is WAY easier to do than you probably think!

Four-walling, as ‘Producing Your Own Show’ is known in the entertainment industry, is a powerful tactic that yields many benefits for the brave.

But it’s not enough to just do it. You have to do it right!

Fortunately, Steve Barcellona knows the exact steps one needs to take to successfully produce a show - and he’s going to share his secrets with YOU!

In this workshop, you’ll receive everything you need to know to mount your own production from start to finish. Plus, all the secret tricks and tactics pros use to guarantee a profit - so you receive maximum value for your efforts.

Steve will show you:

* How to choose the right venue based on the show you want to do and the audience you want to draw.

* How to develop the right show for the event - so you don’t find out too late that you don’t have the show you need to accomplish your goals!

* How to promote, advertise and sell tickets for your show - so that you have a packed house full of future clients and a great paycheck when it’s all said and done!

With over two decades in the business of producing his own shows - and learning many of the lessons he’s going to share with you the hard way - Steve has a near-never-ending well of tactics, tricks and ideas you can use to ensure success at your FIRST production!
Save yourself a lot of time, and many headaches… Produce Your Own Show with Steve Barcellona!

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115 minutes