Live Lecture: Playtime – Anton Van Helden Living Room Lecture



Anton Van Helden is a man of many talents! He’s a whale scientist, improviser, cartoonist—and a passionate magician.

ALL these plans give Anton a chance to do what he loves to do the most…PLAY. 

That’s right friends. For Anton, the performance of magic is an opportunity to ‘play’ with an audience—and even more important, get them to ‘play’ back.

“When I perform magic, I want to get to ‘play time’ and I want to get there FAST!” – Anton Van Helden.

And in Anton’s Upcoming CC Live Event, he’s going to show you exactly how he does it—and how you can too!

In Playtime: The Anton Van Helden CC Living Room Lecture, you’ll discover: What is play time? Why do we want it? How do we get it?

Most importantly, you’ll discover 3 great impromptu routines—filled with the strategies and tactics Anton uses to transform Performance…into Play!

As you’ll discover, creating truly ‘playful’ magic is a matter of creating opportunities for exciting things to happen. Anton designs his magic to ensure they do!

* Invisible Visualization – A super simple, impromptu approach to the all time favorite Invisible Deck.

You’re about to discover more than a great routine here. Anton will show you how to create miracles by cloaking your genius in failure. And as you’ll see, this strategy lets you take an audience to further heights than you can reach by ANY other ‘method’.

* The Answer Lies in Dissection – a comedy of errors that leads to a miracle. A trick with a signed card goes horribly wrong. The wonder worker tries to salvage the show by improvising a story based on the ancient tale of the Frog Prince!

You’ll discover one of the most entertaining plots in magic—and Anton will show you simple ways to add believable improvisations to your show. And before you know it, your whole audience will be playing along!   

* The Last Minute Waltz – Discover how to start with a funny premise—and end with a moment of magical connection your audiences they will remember for a lifetime.

And that, my friends, is just the beginning. Anton Van Helden has a surprise bonus routine up his sleeve you’ll absolutely LOVE.

*Each CC lecture/workshop was recorded live as an Online Class or Special Event for our Members. Members participate and ask questions in the live chat (offscreen). The Instructor or Special Guest teaches the course topic and is joined on screen for insightful analysis and discussion by the CC Panel. Different magic experts join the panel during each class, so it’s always a surprise and an adventure!

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Running Time

125 minutes

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Instant Online Streaming Video, Lifetime Access