Live Lecture: SuperCull

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The mythical Spread Cull allows you to steal and control as many cards as you like without anyone suspecting you of a single suspicious move!

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50 years ago, magicians heard whispers of a secret technique…

…that allowed elite magicians to perform miracles with any shuffled deck.

Even the sleight itself sounds like magic. Imagine…

You ask someone to shuffle the deck, and then briefly, casually, you spread through the cards. All four Aces (or any cards you want) are now under your complete control

For hundreds of years, great magicians have used the ‘Spread Cull’ to create miracles with a shuffled pack.

And for as long as we can remember, passionate magicians like us have been ‘kept out of the club’.

CC Master Magician Aaron Fisher spent years of his life tracking this dragon to it’s lair, and found himself frustrated – at every turn – by poor explanations, and often, actual misinformation.

And that’s VERY good news. Because if you’ve tried to learn this move, and given up in frustration, it’s not your fault!

And here’s even BETTER news. In this workshop, that's all going to change!

Aaron spent the last 20 years developing a Complete System of Card Culling that’s easy to master, fun to use and practical in every conceivable situation.

And you’re about to learn it all – every step you need to take, every detail you need to know…

…and every secret tip no one else will tell you.

In this workshop you will discover:

* Why most modern techniques are too difficult, and less effective than you’ve been told.

* How to separate Culling Fact from Fiction so you can move forward right now with complete confidence.

* The one simple skill you really DO need – and it’s easy (you probably have it already)!

* Aaron’s method for formal shows. Use this in situations where the audience is ‘burning your hands’ - so no one has to look away!

* The secrets to Deceptive Casual Culling – the Ultimate Tactic in impromptu close-up card magic

* And much, much more!

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87 Minutes