Live Lecture: The Secret Art of Dressing Smart – Patrick Heitkam Living Room Lecture



The Secret Art of Dressing Smart

Clothing and Costume for Modern Magicians

With Special Guest Patrick Heitkam

At this Conjuror Community Special Event, we’re going to talk about one thing high end professional magicians know that separates them from EVERYONE else…

Would you like to…

  • Discover a simple way to instantly create—and communicate—a clear performance ‘character’ for your magic…
  • Blend perfectly with the kind of society clients who can afford a great magician…
  • Add atmosphere and depth to every performance you give before you perform your first trick…
  • Always look like a millions bucks when you perform—without breaking the bank…

If any of those sound good to you, here’s a Conjuror Community Special Event you simply can’t afford to miss!


The Secret Art of Dressing Smart

Clothing and Costume for the Modern Magicians

Nearly 20 years ago, I moved to Los Angeles with a dream of performing at high-end events for elite audiences.

A couple years later, I hadn’t gotten very far! I was frustrated with my progress. My magic seemed good enough, and I was getting ‘great reviews’ for my shows at the Magic Castle—but frankly, something was missing.

The answer dawned on me first slowly—and then, like a ton of bricks.

The clothes we wear have an affect on the impact of our magic—whether we like it or not.

At first, I thought my budget was the problem. Eventually, I discovered the truth: I simply wasn’t dressing for success. And frankly, I was intimidated by ‘taking my clothes seriously’.  I didn’t have the first clue where to begin.

I needed help from a true professional.

Who is Patrick Heitkam?

Patrick Heitkam is one of my favorite magicians—we used to perform bar magic (and stand-up comedy) together in Los Angeles. But Patrick was always leading a ‘double life’.

For over twenty years, he’s worked in clothing with companies like Barneys and Nordstrom. Today, he’s a VP and head of  Wholesale for Ted Baker in North America.

The point is: Patrick is a great magician who knows clothes!

And I’m not the only one who thinks so. Patrick acted as costume designer for Derek Delgaudio’s hit show. And when acts like Rob Zabrecky, Michael Weber and Max Maven want a little help in looking their best—they call Patrick! 

When Patrick started ‘dressing me for work’, my career seemed to transform—literally overnight. I began booking celebrity parties and high-end events. All of a sudden, the effect my magic had on audiences transformed!

And now, Patrick is coming to Conjuror Community to present a magic lecture unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. He’ll take the mystery out of fashion, and show you how to have fun choosing clothes that actually make your magic more amazing!

Get ready for a CC Lecture we only WISH we had seen when we were getting started! Here are just a few of the topics we’ll cover:

* The 5 Key ‘Outfit Templates’ – Patrick will take the guess out of dress! He’ll show you the easy, time tested way to make sure you look STELLAR when you go to your show (in ANY situation)!

* How to Look Great on a Budget – Just because you look like a million bucks, does not mean you have to SPEND a million bucks. You’ll discover the secrets of strategic spending for maximum effect!

* The Only Unbreakable Rules (and when to break them!) – so that you can use your clothes as a vital part of your communication with your audience, and always come out on top!

And that’s just the beginning. We’ll also cover:

Great Conjurors: Clothing Case Studies

First, Patrick will lead us on an exciting journey to discover how the world’s greatest magicians use clothing to make magic. In the process, you’ll discover big secrets that great magicians know—but never share!

Theatrical Dress Vs. Business Attire

Patrick will show you how to know what you need—and when you need it. Knowing how to make this decision can dramatically affect the results of your show—so make sure you’re in the know!

Travel Secrets

Patrick will share everything you need to know to take your act on the road and still look your best. These methods have been tested, and proven, by fashion ‘road warriors’ for nearly a century. If you’re a professional magician, these ‘tips’ will be priceless. they’ll make all the difference in the world.

So if you’ve ever wondered why some magicians really stand-out from any crowd, you’re about to find out! In the process, you may just discover the most important ‘secret weapon’ you’ve ever seen when it comes to making miracles!

*Each CC lecture/workshop was recorded live as an Online Class or Special Event for our Members. Members participate and ask questions in the live chat (offscreen). The Instructor or Special Guest teaches the course topic and is joined on screen for insightful analysis and discussion by the CC Panel. Different magic experts join the panel during each class, so it’s always a surprise and an adventure!

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