Top Triumphs


You’ll discover the most deceptive, practical methods and routines ever devised for Triumph.

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Few card tricks pack the miracle power of Triumph…

...and you’ve never seen Triumph like this!

You’re about unlock the door to a hidden tool the most amazing magicians use to make sure they can easily assemble a complete routine that will astonish in any situation.

That secret is known as...


As a close-up magician, you’re called upon to perform in every conceivable situation:

  • One on One
  • Standing, Surrounded with No Table
  • Seated with the audience at a Table

And those are just a few…

And if you’ve ever been put ‘on the spot’ before, you know already…

... there’s nothing worse than having a perfect trick you can’t use when you really need it.

This happens for a simple reason you need to be aware of...

In the majority of cases, the most amazing methods for ANY trick can only be used under certain conditions.

For example, take one of the all time strongest card tricks, known as...Triumph!

Cards are hopelessly mixed, face-up, face-down.

Audiences eye go wide as the cards magically right themselves....

It’s one of the most amazing ‘any deck’ tricks of all time, but…

  • What if you don’t have a table?...
  • What if you don’t like to using difficult sleights?...
  • What if you have a stacked deck?...

And most important, what if you want to transform Triumph into an astonishing multi-phase routine…

...that actually gets more amazing each time you repeat it?

That’s why Aaron Fisher built the Top Triumphs Video Workshop.   

You’re about to be treated to 8 practical powerhouse routines. Aaron selected each of them over 20 years to meet 3 key criteria that matter most to all of us:

* These Methods Astonish. You WILL be fooled multiple times during this workshop - and when you perform these tricks, your audience will be floored.

* Multiple Methods For Every Skill Level - so whether you’re just starting out with cards, or your have years of experience, you get to choose the perfect method for YOU.

* Great Options for Every Situation - so you’ll be able to include this miracle any time you want to amaze - under any conditions you can imagine.

You’ll get:

* Step-by-step Instruction  that makes it incredibly easy to master the original Triumph, including Beginner Riffle Shuffle Training worth the price of the workshop if you’re just getting started.

If you’ve ever tried to learn the Classic Triumph, and been frustrated...your luck is about to change.

* Two of Aaron’s No-Sleight Triumphs - so you can astonish with one of the strongest tricks in card magic right away. Prepare to be fooled!

* Two astounding ‘In-the-Hands’ Triumphs - that let you make miracles when you don’t have a soft surface, or even a table at all!

Watch this video, and you’ll be ready to amaze under any conditions - and build this Miracle Class Trick into any routine YOU want to create.

* Your New Favorite Finale - This is the ULTIMATE version of Triumph. It allows you to perform Triumph…

...with an additional climax strong enough to make Triumph your permanent Card Magic Closer!

And if you’re interested in performing with stacks or memorized decks, do not perform another trick until you see this method.

It’s one of the strongest self-working card miracles you’ll ever discover!

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109 Minutes