Live Lecture: Twister



‘Twister’ is Twisting the Aces on STEROIDS.

In a pack of four face-down cards, the aces flip over and reveal themselves one by one. Next, EACH of these four aces visually changes—without the hint of a ‘funny move’—into completely different cards!

Finally, each of these four cards transforms BACK into the four aces!

In this episode of Finer Points, Alex Slemmer reveals EXACTLY how it’s done. You’ll discover that as long as you have a deck of cards—you can perform this effect.

PLUS: At this workshop, Alex also shares what will be your future ‘go-to’ four-of-a-kind production!

Also discussed are:

The Jordan Count

The Ghost Count

Elmsley Count

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The Underground Transpo

Reset Reset

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Running Time

64 Minutes

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