Pocket The Expert at the Card Table


A pocket sized ‘Expert At The Card Table’ that you can carry with you wherever you go. If you want to become an true expert, this is the edition we suggest you carry every day.

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The Expert at the Card Table is essential reading for any card magician. But let’s face it...this stuff requires time and dedication.

For those that ‘hear the call’ to master the passes, palms, shuffles and deals from the ultimate source in magic, there’s no substitute for this book.

And if you’re in that group, you already know this: when your copy is nearby, you need to consult it all the time.

That’s why Aaron was so thrilled when this pocket-sized edition was released. Without access to this book at a moments notice—he never would have achieved his dreams.

This little book is the most versatile tool you’ll ever find—you’re literally carrying around a complete guide to card magic from Erdnase himself, that you can call on at ANY time!

NOTE: We highly recommend the physical copy over the eBook version—you can annotate it, label it and really ‘get to grips’ with the material, which is an invaluable part of the learning process. And along the way, you’ll make discoveries and observations just like all the ‘greats’ of card magic who also made their start with this book.

Ten years ago the first edition of the pocket size Expert at the Card Table was released. It has been sold out for years and Conjuring Arts has created an updated and improved version.


- It's bound in a luxurious, red, supple faux-leather that looks and feels real! This is a great improvement over the first version.
- More flexible - this version is more pliable and won't easily get creased while in your pocket
- Elegant ribbon for keeping your place
- Gold foil stamped cover and gilt edges
- The entire contents of S. W. Erdnase's classic The Expert at the Card Table
- Pocket size
- Line numbers for easy reference to any part of the book

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