Psychological Subtleties 2


Banachek—the world’s greatest mentalist—reveals the exact techniques and methods he uses to control every audience he meets.


As a young magician, Banachek did what no other mentalist had EVER done—he fooled a team of top scientists...and even convinced them that he really was ‘psychic.’

Adam was a fan of Banachek for YEARS before he discovered Psychological Subtleties. That’s because his book is the closely-guarded ‘secret weapon’ of the greatest mentalists alive...and an exclusive book that most magicians never even hear about.


Quite simply, this book is downright dangerous in the wrong hands. It contains EVERY single technique professional mentalists use to influence—and even control—their audience, including the exact methods Banachek used to fool science.

Best of all, Banachek shows you how to use these techniques anytime, anywhere—with no preparation.   

Once Adam got his hands on it, he was immersed for weeks. He was shocked to discover secrets that NO other magic book talks about—the deepest secrets of the ‘inner circle’ of magic.

Aaron isn’t a mentalist, but within the first chapter of this book he found three new miracles he added to his show instantly. In his opinion, this book is brilliant for one key reason: it shows you how to create instant miracles without learning any new tricks or complex sleights.

Psychological Subtleties remains one of the best selling books in the magic and mentalism community and is considered a basic reference source for any complete library on our art. Psychological Subtleties offers ideas, tips and observations of natural human responses that can be inserted into performing situations to make the overall result of an effect much stronger, entertaining and memorable. Several performers incorporated that knowledge into their acts and built whole routines around those clever ideas. Psychological Subtleties 2 picks up where the first book ends. Whereas Psychological Subtleties was not a book of tricks and routines, this book contains complete routines from professionals who understood the value and impact of those ideas in the first book.

Here you will find routines from: Peter Arcane, Greg Arce, Lance Campbell, Dr. Bill Cushman, Christian David, David De Leon, Paul W. Draper, Gerard, Jonathon Grant, Patrick Kuffs, Andy Leviss, Rick Maue, Mike Merchant, Ravi Johannes Pazhur, Ian Rowland, Leonardo Silverio, and Michael Sibbernsen as well as routines and more subtleties from the mind of Banachek.

Pages 203 - Hardbound

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