Revolution by Aaron Fisher


Revolution w/ Helter Skelter presents two distinct miracles made possible by an incredibly easy, visual transformation.

by Aaron Fisher
Running Time: 53 Minute
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Revolution w/Helter Skelter presents two distinct miracles made possible by an incredibly easy, visual transformation. A wave of your hadn causes a card to visibly reverse right before the eyes of your audience. Much of this production was shot live at Sorcerer’s Safari Magic Camp — the world’s finest youth magic program. After you learn the effects on the DVD, you’ll get a front row seat to work with Aaron along with the other campers. You’ll hear real questions and get information that makes this DVD invaluable.

Revolution #9 & Helter Skelter Routines:

  1. Revolution #9 is a routine where a wave of your hand causes a face-down selection to visibly reverse. Then, with another wave, the entire deck turns face-down.
  2. Helter Skelter is a beautiful color changing deck requiring no apparatus.
  3. Both routines require no challenging sleight of hand. They end clean so you can continue your performance with the same deck. They are perfect for professional work, walk around and formal shows.

The Deets:

  • Both routines first appeared in The Paper Engine. Now, all the challenging sleights have been removed so you can perform them immediately.
  • Learn invaluable information you’ll use every time you do magic, like how to clean-up tricks, switch decks on the fly and recover from any conceivable mistakes.
  • Instruction on The Revolution color change, as well as detailed explanations of both the Revoltuion #9 and Helter Skelter Routines!

I’d been performing magic for about four years when I bought this DVD. I had a pretty good repertoire and felt everything was going alright. I was shocked to discover how much the information Aaron shares here charged my magic. I was able to layer in so many important lessons I hadn’t learned anywhere else. Both Revolution #9 and Helter Skelter are great routines but the extra lessons included here can stand on their own too! – Richard Brink

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