The Art of Magic

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The Art of Magic by T. Nelson Downs is a classic of magic, and right now we’re giving it away for FREE.  Click the button and the download will automatically start!


Nelson Downs was one of the most skilled sleight-of-hand artists that ever lived, and he packed this book full of his most valuable secrets and techniques. 

But it’s not just bursting with genius sleights and card moves—you’re also going to find tricks that are EASY yet incredibly powerful. 

In addition to some of the most legendary card tricks ever created, T. Nelson Downs also included his work on coins in this book—ideas that became the inspiration for many of the famous coin routines that you see performed by the world’s greatest coin magicians today.

This book is a true ‘treasure trove’ of magic’s greatest secrets, techniques, and knowledge.

And today, we’re giving all of it to you, FREE.