The New Modern Coin Magic


Modern Coin Magic shares over 200 powerful tricks with coins. But more important are its 100 coin sleights—everything you need to know to become a world-class coin magician!


Bobo’s Modern Coin Magic is the ‘go-to’ coin magic book of the century. Every great coin magician you know and love started their journey with this book—and still use it today.  

The reason is simple...nobody has ever improved on this book! It’s the closest thing to a ‘perfect’ introduction to coin magic we’re ever going to see.

Modern Coin Magic contains over 200 coin tricks, but its the 100+ coin sleights that make it so invaluable—they provide you with a complete foundation to coin magic (practically every coin trick possible relies on sleights contained in this book.)

Adam bought Modern Coin Magic when he was 7. It’s since repaid him a hundred times over. In fact, he can’t think of any better use of ten dollars (in his life!)

Aaron also loves this book and feels it’s the ultimate ‘value’ buy. He’s never found another magic book that gives him so much value for such a LOW price. Modern Coin Magic has a permanent spot on his shelf—and it’s safe to say it will for as long as he lives!

The undisputed bible of coin magic! The latest edition of one of the world's most important magic books. Coin magic can be performed anytime, anywhere, on the spur of the moment. With Bobo's basic through advanced knowledge and know-how, the best feats of the world's expert coin workers can be yours.

Think about how often you have been asked, "Do a few tricks," and you have had to answer, "Sorry, I don't have anything with me."

Now that day has passed! Coins are always at hand, and magic with coins always appeals to audiences. With this book as your tutor, you can master the world's best coin tricks.

Bobo wrote this book from his experience of many years, simplifying his wide knowledge of coin sleights, tricks, and presentations. John Braun, editor of The Linking Ring, worked elbow to elbow with Bobo, editing the text. Nelson Hahne, Magic's foremost illustrator, has amplified the sleights and tricks with almost seven hundred of his clear-cut drawings!

Bobo is the first magician since T. Nelson Downs in 1900 to produce a complete manual of coin sleights and tricks and use them in a routined coin-trick act.

Every great name in coin magic is represented. All the famous coin men are represented with their favorite coin trick. No book in magic is equal to it. Edited by John Braun, illustrated by Nelson Hahne. The finest paper, typesetting, binding, and materials have been used. A lifetime aid to your magic. Hardbound. 544 pages, 422 tricks and sleights, 669 illustrations.

It includes chapters on:

  • Coin Concealments
  • Basic Sleights
  • Vanishes
  • Quick Tricks
  • Cuffing
  • Art of Sleeving (18 Methods)
  • Coins Across (25 Methods)
  • 35 Coin Classics
  • Five Kinds of Coin Boxes with 12 Tricks
  • 32 Tricks with Trick Coins
  • 18 with Shells and Folding Halves
  • Stage Coin Magic
  • Four Master Routines for Miser's Dream
  • Stanley Collins Section
  • 18 Complete Coin Acts
  • 57 Varied Coin Tricks
  • 35 Trick Coin Tricks
  • 3 More Coin Boxes with 17 Tricks

There's a reason this book is regarded as the number one book on coin magic by all magicians. Read it - learn - and perform!

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