The Pinnacle Dice Act

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This 11 Video Training Plan shows you how to perform 3 of our favorite visual dice miracles. Combine them to create an complete close-up show filled with astonishing magic.


The Pinnacle Dice Act Training Plan

If you’re looking for visual magic that fits in your pocket, creates A LOT of effects—and doesn’t use coins or cards… this is the training you’ve been waiting for.


In our new Complete Member Training Plan, you’ll get:

  • Step-by-Step Training on Sack’s Dice Routine – featuring 6 visual effects in under two minutes. It uses only ordinary dice and you can perform it ANY time!
  • The Ultimate Two In The Hand – When Vernon combined this classic crowd-pleaser with ordinary dice… he had the best idea since peanut butter met jelly.

Once you see how easy-to-do and entertaining this 3 phase routine is—you’ll start using it immediately.

  • The Ultimate Climax - We’ll show you how to CLOSE BIG—and blow away ANY audience! Hint: you may never leave home with your cups and balls again!
  • Join the June Jam – School is out and the Summer is here.  Adults need fun too—so we’re doing something special, and we want YOU to join us…

This is your invitation to join the CC Club as we tackle this incredible routine together—as a TEAM!

At CC, we’ll all be ‘jamming’ on this incredible trick all month long. This is YOUR chance to:

  • Share your progress, ask questions and get answers in our online group.  (We’ve become known for having the most helpful and supportive group in magic—and you’ll see why!)
  • Our Coaches will be there to offer personal coaching on request. Get feedback—or learn from watching others! You’ll learn fast and have fun doing it!
  • Attend LIVE Workshops with CC Coaches, and find out why CC Members have more fun! When you're with friends, learning new magic gets EASIER, and a LOT more fun!

This CC Amazement Plan—and the June Jam—are only for Conjuror Community Members. But we want you to join us!  So right now—you can get a full month of Conjuror Community—for just $1.



Conjuror Community helps passionate magicians take the mystery out of making miracles. Our Courses and Training Programs combine 5 components:

* Proven Miracles - We don’t do pipe dreams—or tricks that look good on the internet, but don’t deliver the goods. We only share magic that's proven to astonish real people—in real-world conditions.

* Practical Methods - Making miracles should be fun! That's why we love magic that's easy-to-learn—and fun to perform. We celebrate the practical—and choose innovation over 'dexterity' every time. We'll always teach the simplest, most direct method that leads to a miracle.

* Universal Learning Strategies - Both experts and beginners need great training. But when it comes to learning magic—one method does not 'fit all'. Our training programs serve every magician, at every stage of the journey. This makes us the ideal choice for any committed magician, regardless of experience.

* Inspired Coaching - We know that when you watch a training video—that’s not the end of the journey. Our Coaches are on-staff and ready to support you on your journey. We offer regular online lectures, workshops, member meetings and an active online group. So no matter what kind of help you need—it's always right around the corner.

* The Community that arises when people pursue their passion  among friends is astonishing. That's a key reason for our success.

Our philosophy is simple: We create the most amazing magic when we share our journey with friends.

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