Torn and Restored Newspaper


Released from the CC Member Vault this week only, you can own a miracle that guarantees a standing ovation! 




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Once a Conjuror Community exclusive, you can own a miracle that almost guarantees a standing ovation! This is an incomparable effect for stand-up and stage performances alike.

Seriously, when was the last time you found an effect that:

* Is just as visual for stand-up and stage performances

* Packs flat and fits in a briefcase

* Can floor audiences of all age groups

* Can be performed in as little as 30 seconds

...yet still leads to amazed reactions from spectators?

All this is possible with Torn & Restored Newspaper.

Don’t overlook this miracle! Astound hundreds of people with an Alpha Class Stage Effect

...without assistants, live animals or gigantic boxes! Just you and a newspaper - it can’t be more simple.

However, of the hundreds of methods developed over the last century for this type of effect, virtually every master agrees that the method you’re about to discover for the Torn & Restored Newspaper is the most visual, powerful, and downright astonishing routines ever created.

Whether you actively perform stage magic or are just looking for the perfect miracle for those rare occasions when you have to make an impression...this is truly one of the most perfect tricks ever devised.


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No Questions Asked
Either you love this training or you get your money back.