By James Marx & Jesse Feinberg

You’ll discover the most deceptive, practical, impromptu Torn & Restored Card ever devised. Yes... an impromptu trick you can do at any time!


The Ultimate Impromptu Torn & Restored Card

You will want Halogen in Your pocket at all times!

Jesse Feinberg & James Marx have created the most practical and astonishing Torn and Restored Card we’ve ever seen.

Best of all - this is the easiest method for an impromptu visual restoration you'll ever find!

Imagine you ask a friend to select any card from any deck...


With no funny business, you ask them to sign the card.  Now your spectator cleanly rips the corner off the card!

Now's where the action really starts!

You take the torn piece and cleanly place it in your mouth.

Then, with no possible explanation, you place the now corner-less card to your your lips...

...and your spectators watch, jaws open, as the signed card is restored!

Jesse Feinberg & James Marx have created an effect that's not only easy to do, but so astonishing, it's fooled everyone who's seen it live, from Aaron Fisher to Teller himself.

We've seen many impromptu 'one-card' restorations over the years...

but none of them are as easy to perform, or a personally affecting as this one, to your audience.

If you only have one card, you can use it...

If you have a deck, you can have a card selected...

Either way, your audience will be uniquely astonished - and this is one trick they'll never forget!