Secrets of a Puerto Rican Gambler


Daryl’s signature tricks, techniques and routines. Each member of the CC Team discovered this book early on in their magic careers—and like magicians all other the world, now know it as a modern classic.

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Secrets of A Puerto Rican Gambler is the second modern classic from Daryl, and contains the secrets, techniques and stunning tricks he used to astonish (and entertain) audiences for decades.

In Alex’s opinion, the hit routine ‘Double Dazzling Triumph’ alone is worth the cost of this entire book. Revealed here for the first time, it also shares the method behind Daryl’s famous ‘Triumph Display’—a visual marvel that elevates this trick to the extraordinary.  

Daryl was known and loved for being a real ‘magician’s magician’, and Aaron has fond memories of their many sessions, where he first saw—and was astonished by—these modern classics in person.

In Secrets of a Puerto Rican Gambler you’ll also discover ‘Mysterious Cross of India, ’ Daryl’s beautiful version of the classic Coins Across, ‘In a Pinch’, a trick where you trap the spectator’s selection as THEY dribble the cards and ‘Twisted Aces Redivivus,’ Daryl’s signature take on Vernon’s Twisting The Aces.

This masterwork encapsulates not only some of world champion Daryl's finest work, but also some of the most influential material of the 1980s. Here we see Daryl's now legendary Cutting Display for Triumph, his stunning, perfect "Mysterious Cross of India" Coins Across, and "The Boomerang Card of Mystery." There are also some forgotten gems, waiting to be resurrected from the early 80s and introduced to a new audience. "In the Pinch" allows you to snatch a selection from a cascading pack of cards. You will also find Daryl's touches on Twisting the Aces, an impossible card location, and more.

Secrets of a "Puerto Rican Gambler" is Daryl's rarest and most acclaimed work, and we're thrilled to present this updated reprint to fans worldwide. In addition to a sparkling new edit and layout, there are more than double the original photographs. Also included is a bonus routine not found in the original book but created during the same time period: Daryl's astounding "Double Dazzling Triumph."

Table of Contents:
The Boomerang Card of Mystery -
 Catch a selection from a falling waterfall of cards.
The Chicago Conspiracy - Trap two selections by causing them to come together.
Quick Silver - Two selected cards are attracted to a half dollar, as if by magic.
Holding On - Alex Elmsley's "Between Your Palms" is a modern classic, and this is Daryl's terrific take.
The Puerto Rican Triumph - This is it! This is where Daryl's now-famous Cutting Display debuted.
The Mysterious Cross of India - A Coins Across of the Finest Order. No hand-to-hand transfers. A modern classic!
In the Pinch - You trap a selection as a spectator dribbles the cards to the table!
Just Tweezing - A variation of the above.
Conditional Assembly - A beautiful, thoughtful take on the classic four-Ace Assembly.
Twisted Aces Redivivus - If you love Vernon's Twisting the Aces, you'll love these fine finesses.
Double Dazzling Triumph - A show-stopping closer in the key of Triumph.

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