Panic by Aaron Fisher


An entire deck of cards vanishes right before your eyes!  Buy it today and get all the special bonuses...



“Panic kills me - one of the best vanishing decks ever invented." - Richard Kaufman Publisher, Genii Magazine

"Aaron's Panic surprised me. It also fooled me."- Max Maven

What is Panic?

Most ‘Vanishing Deck’ effects require sleight-of-hand, special preparation, a delicate prop—or all of the above.  Have you ever wanted a practical, easy-to-perform Deck Vanish that looks like real magic every single time?  

Panic looks like REAL MAGIC.

But that’s just the first reason Panic is performed more than any other Vanishing Deck:

* Perform it Anytime, Anywhere - close-up, stand-up, surrounded or on TV—Panic is ready to create a miracle whenever you want.

* Practical Perfection - Panic is completely examinable, ends clean and resets instantly. So whether you’re performing at a gig—or just out on the town—Panic is the visual miracle you’ll want in your pocket.

* Versatile and Flexible - Unlike other Vanish Decks, Panic can play ANY role in your routine: visual opener, Killer Closer—or anywhere in between.

Includes special cards and video training!

For a Limited Time, You’ll also receive:

THE HOMING KINGS - (Value $20):

After performing Panic for over ten years, I discovered a simple secret—hidden in plain sight—that transformed my trick into an even greater miracle. For the last two years—this routine has been my favorite ‘pet secret’.


When I perform at large scale magic events, I need the rare type of card magic that that really ‘plays big’. For the last three years, this major table routine has been my ‘go to’ miracle for all large shows and magic conventions.  This routine makes you look like a real ‘card shark’—but it’s totally self working. And it ONLY works with panic.

Take a look at these reviews from real magicians:

"The best money I have spent on magic." -Eddy Hood

"I perform magic and hypnosis for a living. Did it for my wife and performing partner of 38 years and it knocked her socks off! That's important to me because she probably knows more about Magic and methods than I do. BTW, I'm 63 years old and have seen my share of stuff." -Rob Rue

"I am a hobbyist magician and I'm always looking for the trick that is idiot-proof, easy to do and learn and totally fools my spectators. Panic fills all those requirements and more. I can't believe how convincing it looks. Some of my co-workers watched me do it 2 or 3 times and concentrated completely to see if they could work it out, and STILL they have no idea how a FULL DECK OF CARDS just disappears." -Ed Goldberg


NOTE: This product includes gaffs and downloadable video instructions and bonuses.  Does NOT come with a physical DVD.

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