Transient Three Fly


This limited edition CC Choice selection is the most advanced self-working ‘coin tech’ we’ve ever seen. This special set of expertly machined coins makes visual coin miracles (like three-fly) automatic.

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* Bonus #1) Deep Dive Transient Workshop with Aaron Fisher, Adam Grace, Rolando Santos, Alexander Slemmer! ($20 Value)

The CC Panel go in-depth on the multitude of miracles that you can create with this set of coins!

* Bonus #2) The O.G. Three Fly Routine by Adam Grace.  ($10 Value)

This is one of Adam Grace’s favorite ‘pet secrets’, which means you’ll be one of the only magicians to know it! Get ready to fool magicians everywhere.

* Bonus #3) Wild Coin Amazement Plan Complete Training ($40 Value)

Three silver coins transform, one at a time, into three copper coins. You have to see it for yourself to believe it! 

You’ll receive access to 10+ videos in this Training Plan completely FREE as a bonus when you purchase the Transient Three Fly set.


When Adam Grace and Aaron Fisher picked up these special hand-made coins, we fell in love immediately. And right now we’re thrilled to announce we have acquired a limited number (10!) of these hand-crafted, expertly machined silver dollar coin sets—exclusively for CC Members.

The Transient Three Fly is the most astonishing coin set we’ve ever seen. Transient Three Fly uses mechanical precision coins to create a visual miracle that even sleight-of-hands experts cannot accomplish. Simply put, this is the most perfect visual coin routine we’ve seen.

This CC Choice selection was made with care. Many people make ‘custom coins’ these days—and this is the only set of Transient coins Adam, Aaron and Alex will use. 

We suggest the Silver Dollar Coins we’ve chosen to carry for two reasons: This size make visual stand-up coin magic easier to perform, and visible for stand-up performances.

Transient Three Fly is a complete system for visual coin magic! This is THE easy way to create visual vanishes, appearances, and teleportations. 

This is the exact set that Adam Grace uses when he works the Magic Castle Parlor as his opener!

There are countless routines that you can perform with this set including the easiest version of 'Three Fly' you’ll ever see. And when you add that to the CC Club Training available exclusively to club members—you’ll be ready to amaze anyone fast.

You don’t need skills or years of experience. With the Roy Keuppers Transient Coin Set in your pocket—you’ll have everything you need to make visual miracles at your fingertips.   

Extremely limited supply. Eisenhower Silver Dollar Coin Size Only.

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