A dazzling collection of professional card miracles from one of our all-time favorite card magic creators.

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Darwin Ortiz constructs beautifully deceptive and professional card magic routines. Even though Aaron has been a fan since he was 16, he’s still astonished at just how good this material is.

Alex knew Darwin’s material before Cardshark was published, and wasn’t prepared for the surprises inside.

Every effect in Card Shark blew him away. Each time Alex read a trick, he thought it was the ‘best in the book’...until he turned the page and found something even better!

Darwin’s material is the ultimate showcase of pure card skill, and that makes it the perfect material for magicians who want to put on a breathtaking show using nothing but regular playing cards.

But Darwin doesn’t just create incredible magic—he also describes his miracles more clearly than just about anyone. When you read a book by Darwin Ortiz, you feel like he’s sitting right there beside you sharing his magic.

A wealth of extraordinary material from an internationally renowned magician.

Darwin Ortiz is unquestionably one of the top card men in the world today. In this book, he offers you the chance to learn the routines that have earned him his living and his reputation. He discusses and explains all of the psychological insights, presentational angles and performing tips that could only have been gained from years of professional performance.


  • Introduction (Paul Gertner)
  • Foreword
  • Part One: Impromptu Miracles
  • Part Two: Presentational Showpieces
  • Part Three: Gambling Routines

Pages 187
Hardbound with dust jacket

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